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Victor Zsasz
Real Name Victor Zsasz
Age 45
Occupation Serial killer
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair None
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations None
Alias Mr. Zsasz
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Peter MacNicol

"A man needs no divine assistance. He makes himself! I chose to kill. But I hurt myself too. . . to remind me that even I am human."

-Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz, also known as Mr. Zsasz, was an insane, serial killer that used a knife to kill his victims and would carve a tally mark into his body and each tally mark represented a person he killed. Zsasz was voiced by Peter MacNicol.


Victor Zsasz came from a wealthy family. On top of that he started his own international company and amassed a large personal fortune. When Victor was 25 his parents died in a boating accident which sent him into a deep depression. Zsasz turned to gambling losing money in competions all around the world. One night he ended up in a Gotham City casino and ended up gambling everything he owned to the Penguin. He lost everything and saw his life as meaningless he attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Gotham Bridge. A homeless man tried to kill Zsasz with a knife after he refused to give him money. Zsasz grabbed the knife and stabbed the homeless man because he saw his life as meaningless. Zsasz then began to see everyone's life as meaningless and became a serial killer to "liberate" them. After killing them Zsasz would carve a talky mark onto his body for every victim.

Season 1[]

Zsasz then started a killing spree in Gotham City. However, he was captured by Commissioner Gordon and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. Several months later Gordon was arrested for harboring a fugitive, Batman, who at the time had been declared an outlaw by Mayor Hamilton Hill. Gordon was then sent to Blackgate where he was spotted by Zsasz. When Gordon was in the weight room Zsasz attacked him with a shank. Gordon was able to defeat him then the Blackgate guards rushed in and took Zsasz back to his cell.

Episode appearances[]

Season one