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Vicki Vale
Real Name Victoria Elizabeth Vale
Age 35
Occupation Reporter
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 121 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Gotham Broadcasting Company


Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Melissa Joan Hart

"A lot of people think you're as dangerous as the Joker."

-Vicki Vale

Victoria Elizabeth "Vicki" Vale was a reporter in Gotham City that worked for the Gotham Broadcasting Company. She is voiced by Melissa Joan Hart.


Unknowing Accomplince[]

When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City he was approached by Vicki Vale. Vale was able to get an interview from Bruce on where he had been for the past ten years. Bruce gave her an interview, although Bruce kept much of the information to himself. The two felt a strong attraction to each other and started to date. When Batman appeared in the city she was unsure of his intentions and thought he was a criminal. However, her view of Batman was changed when the Dark Knight saved her from the Scarecrow. She would often but heads with her employer who had Vale do reports on Batman that made the Dark Knight look like a criminal. In reality her boss worked for Lew Moxon and later Black Mask. Both crime lords tried to use the media to get the public to turn against Batman. Vale eventually got tired of Bill Church making her do these reports and quit her job at the Gotham Broadcasting Company.

The Vicki Vale Show[]

Secret Revealed[]

When Black Mask learned that Batman was really Bruce Wayne he had his men abduct Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth and Vicki Vale. Black Mask did this to lure Batman into a trap. Batman was able to save them but during the battle his mask was ripped off and Vale learned who Batman really was. Vale tried to continue her relationship with Bruce but could not accept the life that Bruce kept hidden from her and left him.

Episode appearances[]

Season one

Season two