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The Egg is the tenth episode of season one.


The episode begins with Bruce Wayne donating a Faberge egg to the Gotham Museum of Natural History. As Bruce is about to get into his limo he is greeted by Harvey Dent and his wife Gilda. When Bruce asks what their doing there Harvey says that they are taking their daughter Duela to see the Faberge egg. Just then another limo drives up and Oswald Cobblepot gets out. Bruce and Harvey then look at each other and realize that Oswald must be up to something. Cobblepot then goes in and looks at the Faberge egg. Back at the Batcave, Bruce is talking to Alfred. Bruce mentions that he thinks Penguin wants to steal the Faberge egg, and Alfred reminds him to watchout for his umbrella. Batman then drives to the police department in the Batmobile and warns Commissioner Gordon about what Penguin wants to do. The next day Moxon learned about the Faberge egg and planed to add it to his stolen art collection. Later, Batman went to the museum. Batman then heard someone coming and vanished into the shadows. However, it turned out to just be Commissioner Gordon. Batman then faces Gordon and tells him to watch his back. Just then Batman and Gordon heard other men coming into the museum. Batman and Gordon then go into the security office and saw on the monitors that the men coming into the museum were Moxon's men and Penguin and his henchmen. Gordon then tells Batman that they must get to the Faberge egg before they do. The two of them make their way to the egg and along the way take out some of the henchmen. One by one Batman and Gordon take down the henchmen. Only two remained, Penguin and one of Moxon's men. As the two of them reach the Faberge egg Gordon came out aiming his gun at tham and told them to freeze. Penguin then holds up his umbrella and flame shoots out at Gordon but Gordon jumps out of the way. Batman then appears and begins to fight them. The officer is taken out and only Penguin remained. A blade then came out of the tip of the umbrella and he tried to stab Batman. Just then Renee Montoya and other officers arrived. Batman then punched Penguin in the face and he fell down. Penguin stood up and realizing that he was outmatched got away by using the helicopter blades in his umbrella. However, not everyone saw Batman as a hero. The next day Vicki Vale reported that Batman was stopped from stealing the Faberge egg by the police.             


Role Actor
Batman Jackie Earle Haley
Bruce Wayne Neal McDonough
Harvey Dent Nathan Fillion
Gilda Dent Grey DeLisle
Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot Nolan North
Alfred Pennyworth Hector Elizondo
Commissioner James Gordon Mark Harmon
Lew Moxon Ed Asner

Non Speaking Cameos[]

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