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Solomon Grundy
Real Name Cyrus Gold
Age 44 (Before death)
Occupation Gangster (Formally)
Base Gotham City

Terrebonne Parish

Height 7ft 5in
Weight 517 lbs
Eyes White
Hair White
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Lew Moxon (Formally)
Alias None
Species Human (Formally)


Powers and abilities Super strength
Voiced by Lou Ferrigno

"Grundy will kill the bat!"

-Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy was a zombie that threatened Gotham City. He is voiced by Lou Ferrigno.


Cyrus Gold was on of Lew Moxon's best mob enforcers. Moxon hired him to rob Gotham's diamond district which he did. However, Gold took some of the diamonds for himself and when Moxon discovered this he had Gold killed. Gold's body was taken to Slaughter Swamp and a mystical energy from the swamp brought Gold back as an undead zombie that called himself Solomon Grundy.


As Grundy returned to Gotham City he caused major havoc. Batman fought him but he gained enhanced strength aswell. As Grundy was about to kill Moxon, Batman tackled him and sent him flying into Wayne Enterprises. Batman then sent Grundy threw the window and crashing onto the street below. This knocked Grundy out and the police took him to a prison called Belle Reve.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Super strength
  • Immortal

Episode appearances[]

Season one