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Sensei Yoru
Real Name Yoru (First name unknown)
Age 72
Occupation Ninjutsu teacher
Base Japan
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Chu Chin Li


Shihan Matsuda


Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities Master at Ninjutsu
Voiced by George Takei

"You practice as a man obsesses."

-Sensei Yoru

Yoru was a Japanese martial arts teacher who ran a secret ninja training school. He was voiced by George Takei.


During his training Bruce Wayne went to Japan to learn ninjutsu. There he met Sensei Yoru. Yoru saw Bruce's drive and determination and invited him to his secret ninja training school. For several years Bruce studied under Yoru, until his training was complete.

Episode appearances[]

Season one