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Salvatore Maroni
Real Name Salvatore Vincent Maroni
Age 52
Occupation Mafia Enforcer


Base Gotham City
Height 6ft 0in
Weight 195 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Relatives Luigi Maroni


Umberto Maroni (son)

Pino Maroni (Son)

Affiliations Lew Moxon
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Steve Schirripa

"I thought the D.A. just played golf with the mayor, things like that?"

-Salvatore Maroni

Salvatore Vincent Maroni a.k.a. Sal "The Boss" Maroni was a mob enforcer for Lew Moxon. He is voiced by Steve Schirripa.


Salvatore Maroni was an enforcer for Lew Moxon. When Harvey Dent questioned him during his trial about Moxon, Maroni lied and said that he was Gotham's criminal kingpin. Maroni then grabbed a vile of acid from his pocket and threw it on Harvey. Batman attempted to save Dent but failed. Maroni was then put in hand cuffs and taken away. However, he was soon broken out by Moxon and was ordered to kill Harvey Dent who was in the hospital. When Maroni entered the hospital room Harvey tackled him to the ground and shot him after flipping his coin


Most of Maroni's family were also gangsters. His father Luigi "Big Lou" Maroni was a major crime lord in Gotham years before the arrival of Batman. Salvatore also had two sons named Umberto and Pino that were also gangsters. 


  • In the comics Sal Maroni was a powerful crime lord. In Batman: Guardian of Gotham he was changed to a Mafia enforcer.
  • Prior to his death Salvatore Maroni also managed an Italian reastraunt called Sal Maroni's Italian Reastraunt and a trucking company called Maroni Moving and Storage.

Episode appearances[]

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