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Renee Montoya
Real Name Renee Montoya
Age 27
Occupation Detective
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 144 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Batman

James Gordon

Gotham City Police Department

Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Maria Canals

"Some questions can only be answered with a mask."

-Renee Montoya

Renee Maria Montoya was one of the few honest cops in Gotham City and Commissioner Gordon's right hand woman. She is voiced by Maria Canals.

History []

Renee Montoya was born and raised in Burnley, just off Van Buren Avenue. She is the eldest child of Hernando and Louisa Montoya, immigrants from the Dominican Republic, and has a brother named Benny. She eventually joined the Gotham City Police force and served under Commissioner Gordon. She was one of the few honest cops in Gotham and served Commissioner Gordon faithfully. When Batman was being hunted by the Gotham S.W.A.T. she saved Batman by knocking their leader, Howard Branden, out. Later, Mad Hatter sent a mind controled Batman to kill her, but Montoya was able to bring Batman out of the hypnotic trance. Montoya was later assigned to protect Bruce Wayne when the assassin, Deadshot was hired by Black Mask  to kill him. She helped both Gordon and Batman to end corruption in Gotham and took on various super villians.



Montoya as the Question

Sometime in the future Montoya becomes the second Question.

Episode appearances[]

Season one

Season Two