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Mr. Freeze
Real Name victor Fries
Age 36
Occupation Criminal

Scientist (Formally)

Base Gotham City
Height 6ft
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Red

(Formally blue)

Hair None

(Formally brown)

Relatives Nora Fries


Affiliations Lew Moxon

Rā's al Ghūl

Alias Art Schivel
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Clancy Brown

"All those who stand in my way must feel the icy touch of death."

-Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries is a former GothCorp scientist that turned into an ice themed villian called Mr. Freeze. He is voiced by Clancy Brown.


Victor Fries started out as a scientist for GothCorp. His wife, Nora, had an uncureable disease called MacGregor's Syndrome. To slow the progression of the disease Victor placed her in a cryo chamber. When GothCorp's CEO, Ferris Boyle, discovered Fries created the chamber by stealing GothCorp technology he attempted to have the chamber shut down. Victor Fries fought Boyle and in the process was exposed to a chemical that mutated his body by turning his skin white, his eyes red, and changed his body's biology to where he could no longer survive outside of subzero temperatures.

Season 1[]

Boyle believed that Fries died. However, he and Nora were saved by Lew Moxon. Moxon then offered Fries a chance at revenge and also promised that he would supply Fries with what he needed to find a cure for his wife. Moxon then gave Fries a gun that could instantly freeze objects and a robotic suit that would keep his body at temperatures below zero so he could survive. Now calling himself Mr. Freeze he attacked Boyle at his office at GothCorp. However, Batman arrived and was able to save Boyle but was unable to capture Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze attacked Boyle a second time while recieving a humanitarian award. When Batman intervened he was able to destroy the freeze gun. Freeze nearly killed Batman by crushing his body but Batman headbutted Mr. Freeze's helmet and broke it. Freeze was then exposed to warm air which weakened him. Later, Mr. Freeze was sent to Arkham Asylum and was allowed to continue looking for a cure for his wife.

Season 2[]


Season 3[]



Mr. Freeze's main weapon was his freeze gun. The freeze gun is able to to shoot a beam of intense cold and flash freeze objects and people. Mr. Freeze's robotic suit was able to enhance his strength but also allowed him to survive outside of subzero temperatures. Mr. Freeze's suit and freeze gun was created using Wayne Enterprise technology.

Episode appearances[]

Season one

Season two