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"I'm not crazy I'm MAD! There is a difference, you know! What is it, I can't remember."

-Mad Hatter

Jervis Lewis Tetch was a scientist that created mind control technology and became a criminal called the Mad Hatter. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


As a teenager Jervis Tetch was friends with a woman named Connie Littleton. After Connie was assaulted by some school bullies Tetch used his mind control technology and had one of the bullies kill himself and the other bullies with a bomb. However, Tetch was not implicated in the murder.

Season 1[]


As an adult Tetch was employeed at Wayne Enterprises. When Lew Moxon took over Wayne Enterprises he had the troubled Tetch create mind control cards for him. Batman eventually tracked the cards back to Wayne Enterprises and went to confront Lew Moxon. Tetch (now calling himself Mad Hatter) placed a card on Batman's head and put him in a trance. Moxon then had Mad Hatter send Batman to the Gotham Ciy Police Department to kill Renee Montoy. However, Montoya was able to pull Batman out of the trance. Batman then captured Mad Hatter and handed him over to the police. Mad Hatter was then taken to Arkham Asylum.



The mind control cards were created by Jervis Tetch using Wayne Enterprise technology. When placed near someones head an electronic signal from the card is sent to the persons head and puts them in a hypnotic trance which allows Mad Hatter to control their minds. The card was designed to look like the one on Mad Hatter's top hat in drawings of Alice's Adventures in Wonderlan which read 10/6.


  • This version of Mad Hatter is much more of a physical threat than he was in the comics.

Episode appearances[]

Season one