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Lucius Fox
Real Name Lucius Fox
Age 60
Occupation CEO of Wayne Enterprises


Vice President of Wayne Enterprises (Currently)

Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black (Graying)
Relatives Lucas Fox


Affiliations Wayne Enterprises


Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Keith David

"Welcome to Wayne Enterprises, Mr. Wayne."

-Lucius Fox

Lucius Fox was the vice president of Wayne Enterprises and a good friend of the late Thomas Wayne and his son Bruce Wayne. He is designed after and voiced by Keith David.


The New Boss[]

After Thomas Wayne's death Fox began to run the company. Fox had the Midas Touch and was able to make Wayne Enterprises more successful than ever before. 

Bruce Wayne and the Hostile Takeover[]

Several years later Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City. Fox was getting older and wanting to step down as Wayne Enterprises CEO. He got his chance when Bruce Wayne, the prodigal son, returned. However, Bruce made Fox his Vice President so he could stay at the company and help the inexperienced Wayne. Together they ran the company until Lew Moxon bought enough of the companies shares and became the new CEO and even firing Bruce Wayne. Fox hated working for the crime lord but had no choice. Later it was revealed that Moxon was a criminal and Bruce was able to back control of Wayne Enterprises. Later when Fox was abducted by Black Mask he was saved by Batman. During this event Lucius learned that Bruce Wayne was Batman. After this Fox began to help him in his war on crime.


He has two sons named Lucas Fox and Timothy Fox and two daughters named Tiffany Fox and Tamara "Tam" Fox. His wife's name is Tanya Fox.

Episode appearances[]

Season one

Season two