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Killer Croc
Real Name Waylon Jones
Age 47
Occupation Alligator wrestler



Base Gotham City
Height 7ft 5in
Weight 686lbs
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Black Mask
Alias None
Species Mutated Human
Powers and abilities Super strength

Tough skin

Survive under water

Voiced by Hulk Hogan

"Tick tock. Feed the croc."

-Killer Croc

Killer Croc was a murderous, mutated human with reptile DNA. He is voiced by Hulk Hogan.


Waylon Jones was born with a disease called Epidermytic hyperkeratosis which made his skin grow scales and give him the appearance and DNA of a reptile. Jones was made fun of growing up because of the way he looked which made him mentally unstable. As a teenager Jones joined a traveling carnival as a freak show attraction and would wrestle crocodiles.


The carnival eventually traveled to Gotham Ciy. When Black Mask learned of Croc he had Arnold Flass free him. Black Mask then hired Killer Croc to flood the city and have him rob from the city. Batman eventually discovered that Croc was hiding in the sewers and went to confront him. However, Croc easily defeated Batman. Batman soon learned that Croc planned to open the flood gates of the Gotham City Dam and flood the city. To combat Croc, Batman built the Batboat. Sometime later Batman used the Batboat to travel to the dam to stop Croc from flooding the city. As Croc dived into the water he began to smash the Batboat. However, Batman used a freeze ray that was built into the Batboat to freeze Killer Croc in a block of ice. Because Killer Croc was cold blooded the ice weakened him. Batman then delivered Croc to the police and he was taken to Arkham Asylum.

Powers and abilities[]

The scales on Croc's body makes his skin extremely hard and he can withstand shots from high caliber weapons from a distance. His mutation also gives him super strength. Also, like other reptiles Croc appears to have regenerative abilities and he has the power to stay under water for long periods of time. His teeth allow him to bite threw flesh and other hard substances and he has claws on his fingers. Aside from this Croc is trained in wrestling.

Episode appearances[]

Season two