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Joe Chill
Young Joe Chill
Young Joe Chill
Real Name Joseph Chilton
Age 32 (At the start of the series)

52 (At the end of season one)

Occupation Hitman/Assassin
Base Gotham City
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black later white
Relatives Mrs. Chilton
Affiliations Lew Moxon
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Mark Hamill

"See ya around, kid."

-Joe Chill

Joseph Chilton a.k.a. Joe Chill was the thug hired by Lew Moxon to kill Thomas Wayne. He is voiced by Mark Hamill


The Wayne Assassination[]

When Thomas Wayne became a real problem for crime lord Lew Moxon, Moxon hired Joe Chill to kill him. Moxon hired the troubled youth because his mother was a cleaning lady for the Wayne's and he knew Chill could get close to them without Thomas suspecting anything. One night in Gotham's Crime Alley, Chill walked up to the Waynes and shot and killed Thomas and Martha and left their son alive.

The Attempted Assassination of James Gordon[]


An older Joe Chill

Nearly twenty years later (a now middle aged) Joe Chill returned. After Moxon's criminal activities were revealed to the public he went into hiding. Wanting revenge on Gordon, Moxon hired Chill to kill him. Chill (wearing a mask) tried to kill Gordon but was stopped by Batman. Batman recognized Chill by his eyes and let him escape because he was distracted. Later Batman tracked Moxon and Chill to an abandoned warehouse and confronted them. Batman almost killed Chill and Moxon but decided not to because his father would be disappointed. The two criminals ran. They were so scared that they did not notice an oncoming car and were hit and killed.

Episode appearances[]

Season one


Season two