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Jeremiah Arkham
Real Name Jeremiah Arkham
Age 63
Occupation Head administrator of Arkham Asylum
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 215 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations None
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by None

Jeremiah Arkham is the head administrator of Arkham Asylum and the great-nephew of Arkham Asylum's founder, Amadeus Arkham. He has no voice actor.


Jeremiah Arkham was present when Hugo Strange unveiled D.A.V.E. at Arkham Asylum. Arkham only had a brief appearance so it is unknown if he was one of Gotham's corrupted officials under the employee of Black Mask.



In the not to distance future Jeremiah Arkham became the second Black Mask. He took control of Gotham's underworld. However, because corruption had already been stopped after the original Black Mask was defeated Arkham did not have the same resources as Roman Sionis did. He was quickly defeated and placed in his own asylum.

Episode appearances[]

Season two