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Jason Woodrue
Real Name Jason Woodrue
Age 34
Occupation Scientist


Base Gotham City
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 210 lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Black Mask
Alias None
Species Wood nymph
Powers and abilities Control over plant life
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

"You can't kill a vegetable by shooting it in the head."

-Jason Woodrue

Jason Woodrue was a scientist that worked for Black Mask and turned Pamela Isley into Poison Ivy. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Jason Woodrue was an exile from an interdimensional world inhabited by dryads. Woodrue later came to earth and took the form of a human and began working for Black Mask. Woodrue then developed a formula made out of mutated plant DNA that if injected into a person would give them the power to control plant life. Woodrue then found a test subject for his experiments, a woman named Pamela Isley. After Woodrue convinced Isley to take part in the experiment he injected her with the formula which mutated her body and gave her the power to control plant life. Isley then lashed out at Woodrue and used her powers to make a tree rapidly grow. The tree pinned Woodrue to the wall and aparently suffocated him.



Jason Woodrue as the Floronic Man

Despite his apparent death Woodrue returned. He threatened to use his plants to take control of the planet. However, Woodrue, or Floronic Man as he now called himself, was defeated by Batman and his partners. After his defeat he was then taken to a prison located in Ivy Town. He would continue to escape and would always be defeated by Batman, the Dark Knight and the Atom, the Tiny Titan. Woodrue has also used the names Plant Master and Seeder.

Powers and abilities[]

Jason Woodrue has the power to control all forms of plant life. This power allows Woodrue to create plant monsters and trap enemies in vines that he can mentally control. Woodrue also appears to be able to take the form of a normal human and hide his true form which is made of wood and leaves.

Episode appearances[]

Season one