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The Gotham City Police Department also known as GCPD was founded in 1820 and helped keep the peace in Gotham (with the help of Batman) after the fall of Black Mask.   

Police Corruption[]

Lew Moxon ruled Gotham with an iron fist. Many Gotham officials, including officers of the law, were working for him. Only two officers in the department truly believed in law and order, Commissioner Gordon and Detective Renee Montoya. Together they fought against police corruption. Arnold Flass who was the leader of the Special Crimes Unit was Moxon's and Black Mask's right hand man. He and the other officers would assist criminals hired by the crime lords as a way to help accomplish their goals. At one point Lew Moxon had the mayor fire Gordon and replace him with Gillian B. Loeb. Moxon also had the mayor declare Batman an outlaw and had the Gotham City S.W.A.T. team hunt him down. When Loeb was revealed to be a criminal he was arrested and Gordon regained his position as police commissioner. After Batman defeated Black Mask, the Dark Knight found evidence against Flass and the other officers which ended police corruption in Gotham.


Known Officers[]

Name Rank Status
James Gordon Commissioner Honest
Arnold Flass Detective & head of the Major Crimes Unit Corrupt
Renee Montoya Detective Honest
Harvey Bullock Detective Honest
Crispus Allen Detective Honest
Stan Kitch Detective Honest
Clancy O'Hara Chief of Police Honest
Gillian B. Loeb Commissioner Corrupt
Peter Pauling Deputy Commissioner Corrupt
Howard Branden SWAT leader Corrupt
Peter Grogan SWAT member Corrupt
Barbara Gordon Commissioner Honest
Winston Lieutenant Corrupt
Jack Forbes Internal Affairs Detective Corrupt
William Kenzie Officer in the Narcotics Division Corrupt
Becky Mulcahey Officer Corrupt
Clem Robins GCPD Ballistics Department Corrupt
Jim Corrigan CSI Corrupt
Nicky Lincoln Lieutenant Corrupt
Jordan Rich Officer Corrupt
Roger DeCarlo Officer Corrupt
Timothy Munroe Officer Corrupt
Sarah Essen Former Police Captain Honest


  • In season two it is revealed that the reason the police department was so corrupt was because of the death of Thomas Wayne. When the citizens of Gotham City realized that even wealthy, important people like Thomas Wayne could be murdered so easily, citizens began to lose faith in the police, and the police themselves started to lose faith in their importance, leading to corruption within the force.
  • The Batsignal is located on the roof of the GCPD.

Badge of Honor[]