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Dark Beginnings Part II is the second episode of the first season of Batman: Guardian of Gotham. This episode details Batman's origin and Bruce Wayne's training. This episode also introduces Vicki Vale.


This episode follows an older Bruce Wayne (now in his early thirtys) who travels to Japan and enters a secret ninja school and learns ninjutsu and becomes a ninja master. Bruce later travels to France and learns detective skills from Henri Ducard, Harvey Harris and Willi Doggett. The four of them are seen tracking down a fugitive named Tom Woodley. They track him down to a mountain. During their fight Woodley kills Doggett and Woodley accidentally falls off the mountain to his death. Bruce would then approach David Cain. Cain tought Bruce how to kill. However, Bruce decided to never use these skills in his war on crime. After a decade of training Bruce returns to Gotham hoping to use his skills as a police officer. A few days later Bruce is approached by a reporter named Vicki Vale. Vale wants an interview on where the heir to the Wayne legacy has been. Bruce agrees and sets up a time for the interview. Bruce is then shown talking to Alfred about how he plans to join the police force and start an investigation on Moxon. However, Bruce quickly learns that most of the officers in Gotham City are on Lew Moxon's payroll and abandons this idea. Later that night at Wayne Manor Bruce is sitting in his study thinking of what he will do next. Just then a bat crashes through the window.


Role  Actor
Bruce Wayne Neal McDonough
Alfred Pennyworth Hector Elizondo
Sensei Yoru George Takei
Shihan Matsuda Greg Baldwin
Henri Ducard John McCook
David Cain Brian Bloom
Vicki Vale Melissa Joan Heart

Non Speaking Cameos[]

Locations and Items[]

Notes             []

  • Bruce Wayne training as a ninja explains why he is able to stay hidden in the shadows as Batman.


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