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Dark Beginnings Part I is the series premier of Batman: Guardian of Gotham.


Lew Moxon is Gotham City's most feared crime lord. Crime and corruption run wild in Gotham. One man dares to fight for the city, Thomas Wayne. Thomas leaves Wayne Enterprises in the hands of his trusted friend and vice president Lucius Fox and runs for district attorney and gets elected hoping to bring an end to the reign of Moxon. He is supported by his wife Martha Wayne and their son Bruce. Thomas is able to rally the people of Gotham against Moxon almost bringing an end to his criminal empire. One night Thomas and Martha take Bruce to the Monarch Theater to see the movie The Mark of Zorro. However, Moxon hires a hitman who kills Thomas and Martha in Crime Alley after coming out of the Monarch Theater. Bruce swears that one day he will get justice. 


Role Actor
Thomas Wayne Kevin Conroy
Martha Wayne Adriene Barbeau
Lew Moxon Ed Asner
Joe Chill Mark Hamill
Bruce Wayne Stuart Allan
Lucius Fox Keith David
Alfred Pennyworth Hector Elizondo

Non Speaking Cameos[]

Locations and Items[]


  • In the comics Thomas Wayne was never a district attorney for Gotham City. This was done to show Thomas as more of a hero, like his son, trying to take down Lew Moxon and the mob. In the comics Moxon was shot in the arm and abducted Thomas, who was a doctor, and ordered him to remove a bullet from his arm. Thomas was able to escape later telling the police where Moxon was hiding. The police then arrived and arrested Lew Moxon. However, Moxon later hired Joe Chill to kill Thomas Wayne as revenge.
  • Most of the cast in this episode had previously appeared in Batman: The Animated Series or its spin off The New Batman Adventures.


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