Batman: Guardian of Gotham Wiki
Real Name Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator
Age A few days old
Occupation Crime lord
Base Gotham City
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 295 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair None
Relatives None
Affiliations Hugo Strange
Alias None
Species Robot
Powers and abilities Computer mind

Computer interface

Enhanced strength

Laser projection

Voiced by Corey Burton

"Not only am I smarter than you, Batman, I am faster and stronger."


The Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator, or D.A.V.E. for short, was a computer program with very advanced artificial intelligence that was programed with the brainwaves of several of Batman's enemies. He is voiced by Corey Burton.



D.A.V.E. was created by Professor Hugo Strange by using funding from Roman Sionis. The night Strange decided to premier D.A.V.E., Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, Vicki Vale, Mayor Sebastian Hady, Deputy Mayor Daniel Dickerson and Roman Sionis were present. Strange then revealed that D.A.V.E. was programed with the brainwaves of Arkham Asylum's worst criminals. Strange also revealed that D.A.V.E.'s artificial intelligence was so advenced that D.A.V.E. didn't even realize that he was not human. Strange created D.A.V.E. to help the police predict the actions of various criminals. However, D.A.V.E. managed to upload himself from Arkham Asylum's server to another one located in a factory which he used to build himself a robotic body.

Attack on Gotham[]


Sometime later D.A.V.E. went to see Black Mask. Black Mask attempted to defend himself. However, D.A.V.E. was very powerful and ran Black Mask out of his own office. D.A.V.E., on live television,  was then able to steal all the money out of the bank accounts of the citizens of Gotham. Batman then traveled to Wayne Enterprises and and got a flash drive from Lucius Fox which contained a computer virus. Batman then went to the Gotham Broadcasting Company and confronted D.A.V.E. When Batman placed the flash drive nothing happened and D.A.V.E. revealed that he expected this and that he installed a virus protection program. D.A.V.E. then shoots Batman with a stun ray and D.A.V.E. gets away.

Batman's identity[]

D.A.V.E. then realized that if he wanted to rule Gotham's underworld he would have to kill Batman. D.A.V.E. then ran calculations in his computer mind and discovered that Batman was really Bruce Wayne. Later that night D.A.V.E. attacked Batman in the Batcave. At first it appeared that D.A.V.E. was beating Batman. However, Batman was just distracting D.A.V.E. to give Alfred Pennyworth enough time to turn on an EMP generator. This was able to shut down D.A.V.E

Powers and abilities[]

  • Computer mind
  • Computer interface
  • Enhanced strength
  • Laser projection

Episode appearances[]

Season two

(Mentioned only)