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Crime Alley is a small alley located in Gotham City's Park Rowe district. It is one of Gotham's historical landmarks.


The Park Row Tragedy[]

The Park Row tragedy, as the news papers called it, was a pivotal point in Bruce Wayne's life. After walking out of the theater the Wayne's were approached by a hitman hired by Lew Moxon named Joe Chill. Chill then shot and killed Thomas and Martha leaving Bruce alive.

The Hunt[]

When Lew Moxon was discovered to be a criminal he hid in his abandoned blimp company building in Crime Alley. Batman was able to track both him and Chill down and confronted them. In terror Moxon and Chill ran into the street attempting to get away from Batman. They ran into the street without looking and were hit by a car and died.


Sometime in the not to distant future Batman was in Crime Alley and cought Jason Todd stealing the tires off the Batmobile. Batman then took in Jason and trained him to be the new Robin.


  • Despite being called an alley, Park Row is really a neighborhood in Gotham City which contains homes, the Monarch Theatre, the Moxon Blimp Co. and the Leslie Thompkins Medical Clinic.