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Connie Littleton
Real Name Connie Littleton
Age 17
Occupation High School Student
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations None
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Grey DeLisle

"What a sweet, funny man."

-Connie Littleton

Connie Littleton was a friend of Jervis Tetch, the future Mad Hatter. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Connie Littleton and Jervis Tetch were best friends and went to the same high school. Aftr some school bullies beat her Jervis used his mind control on one of the bullies and had him kill the others. Connie and Jervis eventually lost touch.

Episodd appearances[]

Season one