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Commissioner Gordon
Real Name James "Jim" Worthington Gordon
Age 35
Occupation Police commissioner
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown (Gray on templates)
Relatives Barbara Gordon

(First wife)

Sarah Essen (Second wife)

James Gordon Jr. (Biological son)

Barbara Gordon (Adoptive daughter)

Affiliations Gotham City Police Department
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities None
Voiced by Mark Harmon

"This city is dirty. I have seen it's true nature, I can restore law and order. But I need your help."

-Commissioner Gordon

James Worthington "Jim" Gordon is the police commissioner of Gotham City and an ally to the Dark Knight. He is voiced by Mark Harmon


An Honest Cop[]

Around the same time Batman first appeared in Gotham City, James Gordon became the new commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. Other than Renee Montoya he was the only honest officer on the force. Gordon's first act as commissioner was starting an investigation on Lew Moxon. Moxon paid Gorodon a visit at his office and tried to bribe Gordon into destroying the evidence against him but Gordon refused. That night Moxon sent his men to kill Gordon but Batman arrived and saved him. Gordon then formed an alliance with Batman knowing there was very few people he could trust. However, Detective Arnold Flass was able to destroy all the evidence against Moxon.

Fighting The Mob[]

Gordon still wanted to arrest Moxon despite the police corruption. Commissioner Gordon soon learned that Moxon's men had infiltrated every level of Gotham's infrastructure from the police department to city hall to the news media. Also with the arrival of Batman came insane criminals such as the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin and others which would often be hired by Moxon to do his dirty work. Gordon would often assist Batman in capturing these criminals.


Once Moxon had Gotham's mayor, Hamilton Hill, fire Gordon and replace him with the corrupt Gillian B. Loeb. Gordon was also arrested for helping Batman after Mayor Hill declared him an outlaw. During the gang wars between Moxon, Joker, Two-Face and Penguin, Moxon's criminal acttivities were brought to light and he became a wanted man. This event caused Gordon to regain his old job as police commissioner and started a man hunt for Lew Moxon. Moxon was eventually killed and his absence caused Black Mask to come into power as Gotham's new crime lord. Like with Moxon, Gordon attempted to capture him with the help of the Dark Knight. Batman eventually found evidence against Black Mask and his gang and turned it over to Gordon. With this information Commissioner Gordon was able to charge Hamilton Hill, Arnold Flass and others with conspiracy charges and arrest them. This event brought an end to organized crime in Gotham City.  


  • Unlike other versions of Commissioner Gordon the Gordon in Batman: Guardian of Gotham is around the same age as Batman. Gordon might be a few years older.

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