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Batman: Guardian of Gotham (renamed Batman: Guardian of Justice during the shows fourth season) is a fictional animated series based on the Dark Knight. The look of the show will be heavily influenced by Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy

Series synopsis[]

The main plot of the series will focus on Batman and Commissioner Gordon taking on organized crime and corruption in Gotham City. Batman will also fight classic vilians the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin and many more. Each season will focus on a main antagonist who is head of organized crime in Gotham City. Most of the episodes will take place at night time.


Season Episodes
1 26
2 26
3 26
4 17
Guardians of Gotham 17
Soldiers of Gotham 5



Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Artistic style[]

Batman: Guardian of Gotham is a hand drawn animated series that uses the art style known as Dark Deco. Dark Deco was originally developed for Batman: The Animated Series where the artist would draw the backgrounds on black paper to enhance the dark atmosphere of the show.

Series Theme Songs[]


The HEAVY "Short change hero" (2009)-0


Super Friends 1973 Opening Theme

During the shows first three seasons the theme song will be Short Change Hero by The Heavy. The song talks about a city in such bad shape that not even a hero would want to live there. This fits the theme of the show which involves insane criminals and corruption in every level of Gotham City. Short Change Hero was also used in the trailer for the video game Batman: Arkham City. In the fourth season Batman teams up with members of the Justice League and the theme song is changed to something similar to the Super Friends theme song.