Batman: Guardian of Gotham Wiki
Real Name Bruce Wayne
Age 30 (At the start of the series)

85 (In 2040)

Occupation CEO of Wayne Enterprises


Mayor of Gotham City


Base Gotham City

Wayne Manor



Height 6ft 2in
Weight 210 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Relatives Thomas Wayne (father)

Martha Wayne (mother)

Damian Wayne (son)

Solomon Wayne (great-great-great grandfather)

Alan Wayne (great-great grandfather)

Joshua Wayne (great-great-great uncle)

Affiliations Justice League


Alias The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Detective

Matches Malone (Alias used while undercover)

Detective (Called this by Rā's al Ghūl)

The Dynamic Duo (Called this when paired with Robin)

The Caped Crusader

The World's Greatest Detective

Species Human
Powers and abilities Master at various forms of martial arts






JPV Battle Suit


Voiced by Jackie Earle Haley (Batman)

Neal McDonough (Bruce Wayne)

Stuart Allan (10 year old Bruce Wayne)

"I am vengeance, I an the night, I am Batman!"


Batman also known as Bruce Wayne is a Gotham City vigilante who rose up to combat super criminals, crime, corruption and alien despots. Bruce Wayne is voiced by Neal McDonough while Batman is voiced by Jackie Earle Haley. Bruce Wayne as a child is voiced by Stuart Allan.


Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. As a child he watched his father get elected Gotham City's district attorney and take on the mob which was led by Lew Moxon. However, Moxon hired a hitman named Joe Chill to kill the Waynes. After leaving a theater the Waynes walked down Crime Alley where Thomas and Martha were killed by Joe Chill. That day Bruce Wayne swore that he would bring law and order to Gotham City. As a young adult Bruce traveled the world and learned detective and fighting skills. When Bruce returned to Gotham he planned on becoming a police officer but soon learned that most of the officers on the force worked for Moxon. One night while in his studies a bat crashed through his windows and decided to take the identity of a masked vigilante called Batman. Batman would also develope a stronge partnership with one of the only honest cops in Gotham, Commissioner Gordon.  

Crime & Corruption in Gotham[]


Batman quickly learned that corruption existed in every level of Gotham from the police department to city hall. It was all ran by the crime kingpin Lew Moxon. Moxon would often hire other costumed criminals such as Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, Scarecrow, Bane and others to do his dirty work. Moxon was even able to temporally take control of Wayne Enterprises. At one point Moxon had the corrupt Mayor, Hamilton Hill, fire Commissioner Gordon and make Batman public enemy number one. However, Batman was able to clear his name and gather evidence against Moxon forcing the police to hunt him down. Batman was able to track him down after he sent Joe Chill to assassinate Commissioner Gordon. During the fight both Moxon and Chill became so terriffied of Batman that they ran into the street and were hit by a car and died. One year later a new crime lord named Black Mask took control of Gotham's underworld. Black Mask would hire other villians like Moxon did, but was much more hands on and on several occasions fought the Dark Knight himself. After Black Mask's downfall Batman was able to find evidence against all the corrupt officials in Gotham bringing an end to organized crime in the city.   

Gotham's New Mayor[]

When election season came up in Gotham, Bruce Wayne saw his chance to end corruption in city hall. He ran for mayor against Sebastian Hady who was the current mayor and on Black Mask's payroll. When Bruce began his campaign Black Mask and Hady attempted to black mail and assassinate Bruce Wayne. However, Bruce won the election and became Gotham City's new mayor.


During Batman's later career he gained new partners such as Robin and Batgirl. Batman trained the both of them and  together they took on Gotham's worst criminals. 

The Demon[]

Batman's toughest challenge came when he met the seven hundred year old eco terrorist Rā's al Ghūl. Unlike Moxon or Black Mask, Rā's was a global threat that lead a secret society called the League of Shadows, and had the power to wipe out all life on Earth. He once tried to flood the planet with chemicals from the Lazarus Pits and even allied himself with the Order of St. Dumas. Batman was enentually able to defeat Rā's bringing an end to his empire.  

A Team Player[]

After Batman helped Superman defeat Lex Luthor the Man of Steel invited the Dark Knight to join the Justice League. During his time with the Justice League he was able to work with such heroes as Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man and the Atom. When Desparo lead an invading army of Starros to Earth the Justice League came together and saved the planet.

The Future[]


Bruce Wayne in 2040

In the 2040's an elderly Bruce Wayne took in a teenager named Terry McGinnis and trained him to be the new Batman. When the present day Batman followed the time traveling criminal Chronos into the future he met the new Batman and his older self. Working with the future Batman, Bruce Wayne was able to defeat the time traveling despot. 

Episode appearances[]

Season One

(As a child only)

(As Bruce Wayne only)

(First appearance as Batman)

Season two