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Alfred Pennyworth
Real Name Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth
Age 64
Occupation British military field medic (Formally)

MI-5 agent (Formally)

Actor in the London theater (Formally)

Butler for the Wayne Family

Base Gotham City

London (Formally)

Height 6ft
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Gray (Balding)
Relatives Jarvis Pennyworth


Wilfred Pennyworth (brother)

Daphne Pennyworth (niece)

Julia Pennyworth (daughter)

Affiliations The Wayne Family
Alias the Outsider
Species Human
Powers and abilities Expert medic, mechanic, chauffeur & unwavering loyalty

As the Outsider Alfred possess telekinesis, telepathy & molecular reconstruction

Voiced by Hector Elizondo

"I know your father would be proud of you, because I'm proud of you."

-Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's trusted buttler and father figure. He is voiced by Hector Elizondo.


Early Life[]

In his younger years Alfred Pennyworth was a field medic for the British military. After his service in the army Alfred became a secret agent that worked for the British intelligence agencie, MI-5. After serving the British government faithfully for many years he retired. Afterward he became an actor in the London theater. Possibly before the birth of Bruce Wayne, Alfred became the Wayne family's butler. 

Father Figure[]

After the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred took in the young Bruce Wayne becomeing a surrogate father. Through the years Bruce would look to Alfred for guidance and moral support. During times of doubt Alfred would reassure Bruce that he was doing the right thing and that his father would be proud of him. Alfred also acted as Bruce's physician since he would be unable to go to the hospital. Had it not been for Alfred, Bruce Wayne might have turned into the very thing he was trying to fight against.

As the Outsider[]


"I want to kill Batman and Robin! I am no longer the man I was! I have been changed in mind and body. . . twisted into reverse."

-Alfred Pennyworth as the Outsider

Episode appearances[]

Season one

Season two